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Our Coffees

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Our coffee selections and elaborations unite in well balanced blends that have emerged from the combination of unconditional passion and authentic know-how passed down and refined by our master roasters for more than four generations.

To develop, make and guarantee a top-class artisan crafted coffee – aromatic, with harmonious flavor and a dense, creamy character – we exclusively use coffee beans of stringently selected quality having unique attributes. Our strict criteria and selections relate to the properties of the various coffee beans as well as to the growing and harvesting conditions as well as to the conservation of the environment.

The botanical and geographic diversity of the selected coffee beans does not merely allow us to elaborate extraordinary blends but also to attain a consistent quality that excels reliably over time.

Furthermore we steadily hold on to assembling all of our EPOCA blends with an extremely slow roasting process. By doing this we preserve the delicate, very aromatic qualities of our selections. This permits us to offer phenomenally natural and classy coffees to you that avoid bitter or sour connotations in their taste.

Some of our selections

Arabica Santos

The classy Santos is selected by our coffee experts in Brazil who operate in the regions of Sao Paulo, Minas, Gerais and Paraná.
It is distinguished by a grey-green color of the coffee bean, and by its oblong and flat form factor. Finely dispensed the Arabica Santos imparts to the coffee a simultaneously sweetish and intense taste.

Arabica Etiopia

Etiopia is a select Arabica with unique properties from Ethiopia. Coming from the country with the first, original coffee plantations this Arabica distinguishes itself by a brownish color of the coffee bean, a medium-sized caliber and an elongated shape. This Arabica is boasting a moderate acidity, velvety body and a flavor containing fruity approaches.

Arabica Colombia

The Colombia is a noble Arabica from Colombian climes, with uniformly large and flat-shaped coffee beans. It is characterized by a slight taste of almonds and a strong flavor with subdued acidity.

Arabica Salvador

Salvador is a special and very interesting Arabica from San Salvador which characterizes itself by a soft sweetness, rich body and well-balanced acidity. It stands the test of time as ideal equilibration partner in combinations with the Arabica Santos.

Robusta India

The India coffee bean selected for our blends belongs to the world’s best Robustas. This large Indian bean has a light brown color and a smooth skin. It generates powerful, spicy coffees with fine cocoa notes.

Robusta Uganda

Uganda is a top class coffee plant with round, juicy Robusta beans. It is cultivated in the high mountain areas of Uganda. Its extraordinary full-bodied nature is much appreciated along with its slightly spicy taste and soft woody flavor notes.

Our blends

Our coffees are the result of the subtle joining and supreme roasting of the best grades and varieties of Arabica and Robusta selections. Finely dispensed and combined, these elaborations are yielding all their finesses, to culminate in 5 extraordinary coffees :

100 Arabica80&20 Classico50&50 Mild30&70 CremaDeca.

Every espresso lover will hence find his or her ideal coffee among our blends. Complying with our own entrepreneurial values we want to be transparent. Therefore the designation of every EPOCA blend directly indicates the percentage of Arabica followed by the percentage of Robusta as they are contained in the coffee. A blend with a majority of Arabica will please the friends of strongly flavored coffees having a delicate taste ; while a majority amount of Robusta will satisfy the fans of fruity espressos having a dense, creamy body.

To warrant outstanding coffees in your cups at home – corresponding to the quality known from the best baristas – we also offer our various blends in capsules that are Nespresso®*-compatible, and in coffee pods ESE Ø 44 mm. For always successfully sensational EPOCA espressos and coffees!

All of our EPOCA blends are guaranteed to be 100% natural and to not contain any additive nor any preserving agent.

* This trademark is not a property of EPOCA 1932 LLC and also not of any affiliated firm or entity.

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