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Our values

L'eredità del gusto

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« L’eredità del gusto » - « The heritage of taste » : These are melodious Italian words - authentic, full of history and passion, representing EPOCA CAFFÈ® and our entrepreneurial character.

Our vision is aligned with these words : To offer the exquisite soft cream of the true Italian expresso, in the longstanding tradition of the Italian Caffetieri.

For the implementation of our vision we count on a unique know-how that has been pampered and passed on from our highly esteemed master roasters over generations. As custodians of this heritage of taste and of the broad varieties of flavors orchestrated by our gifted ancestors, we affectionately transpose them into our various recipes and coffee blends.

As artisans of the Italian expresso we therefore simply want to accomplish our mission to offer you excellent coffees with the priority of completely satisfying you with a selection of top-class products.


Only the very best grades and varieties of coffee beans are taken into consideration for the elaboration of our various blends.


As for most good things it takes patience and time to elaborate an artisan crafted coffee of high quality. That’s why we are taking great care to roast all of our blends very slowly and thoroughly. The EPOCA coffees are uniformly roasted during more than 30 minutes – in a finely distributed state – while a common industrial coffee experiences hardly more than 3 minutes of roasting. Thanks to our extremely slow roasting, undesired acids and bitter substances are smoothly eliminated. In this way both the aromatic properties and the taste qualities of our coffee selections remain fully intact. This results in a delicate, very aromatic coffee of the highest class with incomparable flavor! We guarantee a constant and optimal roasting as well as strict quality controls. All the materials used in the production are technologically state of the art.

Natural blends

All of our coffee blends are guaranteed 100% natural and do not contain any additive nor any preserving agent. No chemical substance nor solvent is used in our conditioning and production processes, also not in the elaboration of our decaffeinated DECA coffees.


We thoroughly respect the environment and we pay careful attention to the processes applied and the materials involved along the production chains. Among other measures we also use safely recycled and biodegradable materials.


We strive to ensure, whenever possible, that good working conditions prevail in the various establishments of our raw material suppliers, and that fair conditions are practiced in the commerce relating to our activities.


In our opinion, competitive differentiation proves its worth through the know-how, persistent passion and high quality of the product offerings, not through mysterious secretiveness. We at
EPOCA CAFFÈ® have therefore chosen the path of public transparency. For this reason we disclose the origins of our selections without hesitation, as well as the chosen types of coffee beans and the percentages of Arabica und Robusta beans present in our various blends.