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The rule of the 4 M

The secret of the perfect espresso



The choice of the mix of coffee beans in the blend is the key to an excellent expresso of course. Such a mix of top- class varieties and qualities is a bit more expensive, but did you know that one can brew coffee for up to 120 cups with one kilo of coffee beans ? Which means that you will have a cup of expresso of the highest class for only a few cents more. Hence do not hesitate to treat yourself with the best quality to your liking !


The mill is the decisive tool to grind the coffee beans and to extract the entire scent and the full range of flavors from them. It is advantageous to grind the beans in a timely manner (« à la minute ») and to choose a mill with a conical grinder made of tempered steel. Unlike grinding discs, conically shaped grinders do not alter the flavor of the coffee because their friction does not heat up the beans. Mills with conical grinders provide a better resistance and above all perfectly uniform, finely granulated coffee powders.

Once you have the perfect mix and blend and the ideal material you need to lend your mind and your hand to actually make your coffee : to know how to dose well and how to press the ground coffee to retrieve all its flavours ; to always remember to pre-heat the coffee machine and also the cups, and to develop the ability and dexterity that turns you into a downright barista.


The type and quality of the coffee machine strongly influences the obtained result in your cups. Please consider your coffee machine as an investment! Before choosing a coffee machine one should know that in principle there are two kinds of extraction. A machine . « with pressure and steam » produces coffees with a more intense taste because the ground coffee is compressed and heated during the brewing process. A machine « with pump » produces fuller-bodied coffees because it simply involves pulsation of hot water through the ground coffee.

Did you know ?

EPOCA CAFFÈ® is continually working on serving you with high quality and to your full satisfaction. Hence it is a matter of honor for us to carefully apply the rule of the 4 M and to concentrate these fundamental principles in the elaboration of all of our products. Beyond offering our best selections we are bringing along simple and innovative solutions to enable you, in a short time, to brew like a barista so that you can really enjoy the perfect Italian espresso also at home.